Planting the Seed: 100% Natural 150% Growth

Juniper Ridge came to FME with the goal of taking the Amazon sales of their sustainably harvested soaps, incense, oils, candles, and other wilderness-inspired products to the next level. Recognizing that their presence on Amazon did not reflect the high quality of their products, they turned to FME.


Increase in 3 month product sales


Increase in YOY Q1 product sales


Increase in average units ordered


Increase in page views

Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

During a thorough analysis of their account, FME identified a number of issues in the Juniper Ridge catalog of products on Amazon. Looking deep into their sales history and listing traffic, it was clear that the listings needed to be restructured and optimized for competitiveness in the Amazon marketplace. The listings themselves were limited in the information provided to potential customers, and each contained only one product image. It became obvious that Juniper Ridge needed help to present their products in a more compelling way to customers to enhance their overall brand image, increase page traffic, and boost conversions.

FME first conducted market and keyword research to compile useful data and strategize the best way to present the Juniper Ridge products on Amazon. The product listings were reorganized with variation structures that would best serve potential customers and would be useful for future PPC efforts. The product and brand information presented in the listing, including the image galleries, were thoroughly revamped using high quality keywords and optimization tactics. To further improve brand image and conversions, FME implemented enhanced brand content on all product pages.

Insight into Amazon's algorithms led to intelligent architecture of product catalog

Top quality photography + implementation of best practices for product listings and variations led to a massive uptick in ranking and sales

The Roots for Growth

Amazon takes all aspects of a product listing into consideration when determining when and where to show the listing in search results to potential customers. This information is also used to determine ad relevance and placement when running PPC campaigns, so the importance of proper listing structure and optimization cannot be overstated.

Immediately following the rebuild and optimization of the Juniper Ridge product catalog, page views jumped from a stagnant 8000 to 12000. This continued to rise to a high of 14600. The Juniper Ridge catalog of products are not considered seasonal products, so the increase in traffic and sales can be strongly attributed to the FME work done on the product catalog.

Reaping The Fruits of Success

Juniper Ridge began selling on Amazon in June 2016. Looking at data starting 10 months later (April 2017) to October 2018 allows us to see the average of their sales efforts pre-FME. After engaging FME (late October 2018 to present), the average monthly page views enjoyed a 198% jump. Translating this to sales numbers, we can see a jump in average monthly sales from $13,438 to $34,739 (159% increase). Furthermore, the monthly average of units ordered grew 144%.

FME has continued to work with Juniper Ridge to produce further improvement using additional marketing strategies, such as PPC management and optimization. We forecast that they will enjoy continued future success and growth.

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We create and optimize Amazon and eCommerce sites and all of the marketing that goes along with it. We do this all with a focus on the most important thing: net profit.