A Veritable Drop Shipping Interchange

Survivors Paradise is an outdoor equipment retailer using drop ship vendors exclusively. FME created automated code which downloads product information from vendors every 15 minutes, then uploads all orders, then retrieves all tracking information to send to users.


Products in the site database


Separate drop shipping vendors


Vendor updates per day


Record sales in one minute

Customized Solutions for Expedited Operations and Happy Customers

Survivors Paradise is an e-commerce website that sells 60,000 products for outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, camping, etc. Between all of these products, four separate vendors provide order fulfillment services. In the back end of operations, this meant that orders had to be sent to the separate vendors for shipping arrangements, who then had to respond to Survivors Paradise with shipping information. This led to delays for customers and time wasted on the part of the company.

After performing an extensive rehab to restyle and optimize the site for mobile devices FME proposed and implemented a custom solution that worked flawlessly with the current website's platform. The new process allowed customer orders to automatically be sent to the respective vendor for fulfillment. Furthermore, the system automatically requested tracking information from the vendors and sent it on to the customers. This created a fast and well organized process that greatly benefited both the company and customers.

How to Sell $500 of Product in One Minute

Survivors Paradise is highly affected by seasonality. However there is an attribute which affects SP much more than seasons: law changes in regards to knives, firearms, and firearm accessories. In early 2019 when seasonality had slowed slowed sales something incredible happened: the site, seemingly out of nowhere, was getting thousands of hits per minute from Google AdWords. Quick research revealed a change in California firearms law that drove users in masse to purchase gun magazines. FME moved quickly by immediately increasing server capacity. Sales were so strong that $500 of products (averaging $19.00 each) was sold in one minute and $23,000 sold that day.

FME adjusted the marketing plan on behalf of the client by including the latest in news alerting systems. Whenever a regulatory change appears on the horizon for products sold by SP FME is there by preparing the marketing to capitalize on such changes.

Front End Failure and Fixes

Despite the solving of back-end processes, the website for Survivors Paradise was not shopper friendly. Additionally, it did not work on mobile devices. To solve these problems, FME re skinned the website with a shopper friendly design, and fixed the responsiveness to enable browsing and sales via mobile.

Following the optimization of operations, website design and performance, FME implemented marketing through Google Adwords. This caused a very quick growth in sales - so quick, in fact, that Survivors Paradise was almost unable to keep up with customer service. Once again, FME came to the rescue! Outsourced customer service was implemented and successfully provided customers with quick answers and personal attention via phone, chat, and email. This also permitted Survivors Paradise to focus more of their time on expanding their company. FME is currently working on further automation as Survivors Paradise continues to grow.

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We create and optimize Amazon and eCommerce sites and all of the marketing that goes along with it. We do this all with a focus on the most important thing: net profit.