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Success: From Forecast to Sales


After 25 passionate years of educating the world about the healing power of natural remedies, Dr. Richard Schulze brought a lifetime of knowledge to market in 1994. After years of consistent growth and success, sales stagnated in 2018 without a tangible explanation as to why. The marketing team at Dr Schulze reached out to a handful of consultants looking not just for solutions to the stagnation, but also for an accurate forecast of the impact the scope of work would have on sales over the next 4 months. After visiting the FountainheadME offices, the decision was made.


Increase in Revenue


Increase in PPC Revenue


Increase in Total Orders


Increase in PPC Orders

dr. schulze

The Crystal Ball

The top priority of the Schulze's team was to accurately predict their final sales numbers for the year. Major decisions about marketing spend, hiring, and other operational matters simply could not be made without an estimate of final sales numbers.


After performing a comprehensive audit of the detailed and extensive sales history present within Amazon, and identifying shortfalls in the effectiveness of PPC campaigns and estimating the impact of proposed changes, FountainheadME confidently presented the team at Schulze's with their ‘crystal ball’ figures. After taking into account variables ranging from daily budget to individual keyword bids, and analyzing paid and organic historical search data, FountainheadME predicted that their proposed changes and ongoing management through the balance of 2018 would lead Schulze's to $3.4M in sales. Schulze's gave FountainheadME the green light. Final sales for 2018 were $3,418,764.60.

PPC. It’s not Rocket Science. Or is it?

The PPC campaigns were in desperate need of major reconstructive work. This was not simply a case of adjusting bids and budget. The FountainheadME team built a comprehensive strategy to reorganize campaigns and ad groups and optimize ad targets. The implementation of this demonstrated improvement, so the Dr Schulze team authorized an increase in PPC budget from $18,000 per month to $40,000 per month. The next 2 months (November & December) yielded the best PPC performance Schulze's had ever experienced, with $59,000 spent and $211,000 in sales. Historically, December sales numbers had always been less than November’s sales number. Under FountainheadME’s management, December was the best month on record!


In all, the success was largely attributed to the immense improvements to the PPC campaigns, which were the majority of the focus of FountainheadME’s strategy.

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