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Revel Nail: Reveling in Amazon Success


Revel Nail has been selling their full product line through their ecommerce website for a few years. In 2018, they created an Amazon account and added a few products for sale. After seeing a few months of slow sales on Amazon, they contacted FountainheadME for assistance in scaling on Amazon.


ASINs Added and Optimized


Revenue in First 6 Months


Average MoM Growth in Revenue


Average MoM Growth in Sessions

revel nail

Colors in the Catalog

Their full product line includes hundreds of colors of nail dip powder and accessories. Like many sellers on Amazon, Revel Nail was struggling to pass the hazmat review to have their products fulfilled by Amazon. FountainheadME started by adding about 250 ASINs to Revel Nail’s catalog, and fully optimizing the listings after conducting keyword and competitor research. By late February, the listings were optimized, live, and passed hazmat review to be active in FBA.

Approval and Awareness

The next step was to implement brand awareness ad campaigns. At the same time, FountainheadME worked to add, optimize, and complete hazmat review for about 500 more ASINs. FountainheadME was able to successfully complete the process and build out their entire catalog by June, despite Amazon dragging out the hazmat review process.


To continue growth in branding and conversions, Revel Nail joined Amazon Marketplace Growth. This costly program offered by Amazon allowed them to have access to A+ content while waiting for their pending trademark to go live. Furthermore, Amazon themselves designed A+ content for them. However, the quality was subpar at best, and Revel Nail instead turned to FountainheadME for A+ design.

Prime Sales

While A+ content was being designed with FountainheadME’s creative team, a marketing plan was put together to maximize the exposure and sales during Amazon Prime Day in July. Strategic use of coupons along with aggressive ad campaigns resulted in quadruple the amount of sales for July compared to June. 


From the first month of sales following product listing addition and optimization from FountainheadME (February) through October, Revel Nail saw an average 73% month over month growth in revenue. Furthermore, they saw $140k+ in revenue in their first 6 months!


FountainheadME is continuing to add new products to their catalog, build sales, and bring strong awareness to this brand. Sales for the remainder of 2019 are on trend to well exceed $300k.

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