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Vinglacé: A Business that Improves with Age

Amazon and e-Commerce

Amazon accounts for approximately half of all eCommerce sales, so it’s a platform that retail business should not ignore. But a brand being well-established and profitable in stores does not mean it will have the same luck in eCommerce.


YOY Increase in Sales


ACoS on $170K in 6 Months


Sales For Holidays 2019


Increase in Holiday Sales



Vinglacé, a luxury wine accessories brand, came to us with a desire to break into the online marketplace, both with an eCommerce site and on Amazon.. They had a taste of success selling their wine- and champagne-chilling products to third-party retailers across the country, but were ready to expand their profit potential by selling directly to consumers. As the sommeliers of eCommerce, FME knew Vinglacé had a product online consumers would drink right up. We took them on as a client and increased their year-over-year sales by an astounding 380%. 

Tasting the Success

It is impossible to be successful in eCommerce without considering the psychology of shoppers. In our fast-paced modern world, how likely is it that a consumer will go through pages and pages of search results before selecting the product he or she wants? Visibility is key in the online marketplace, but achieving it is easier said than done.


FME conducts data-driven research to determine trends in e-shopper behavior. In the case of Vinglacé, we developed an extensive list of search terms related to their brand with a demonstrated ability to elicit impressions and conversions. FME’s creative team then strategically inserted those search terms into the content written for Vinglacé products on Amazon and its eCommerce site.


These high-volume keywords were utilized for sponsored ad targeting on Amazon and Google as well. The effect of these keywords? Over the course of 6 months, Vinglacé earned over $170K in sales from ads, with only 16% of that total going toward advertising costs.

Preserving the Branding

Since Vinglacé is a trademarked brand, FME took the extra step of enrolling it in the Amazon Brand Registry program, which would not only protect Vinglacé against IP violations, but also against unauthorized resellers, who could potentially damage the reputation of the brand by selling defective or counterfeit versions of a product or win the Buy Box by offering lower prices.


Brand Registry also enabled us to create a storefront and A+ content for Vinglacé — something that is not possible with a standard Seller Central account. A storefront enabled Vinglacé to creatively display all the products they were selling on one page, while the A+ content helped establish the high-end nature of the Vinglacé brand with an eye-catching visual banner created by FME.


By enrolling Vinglacé in Brand Registry, FME, in effect, gave the brand full control of its image on Amazon.

Pouring the Profits

While our content team was working on building Vinglacé’s presence on Amazon, our web developers were toiling away building its eCommerce site. It is projected that approximately 88% of consumers research purchases online prior to buying products off the web or in-store. Without a site, there would be nowhere for consumers to research, and as a result, a decreased likelihood of conversions.


The Vinglacé site today is fully operational and optimized. It provides consumers with the ability to buy products directly off its site, and learn what makes the brand unique, as well as the story behind it. Organic traffic to the Vinglacé site increased as a result of website optimization, while brand awareness and conversions increased as a result of the sponsored brand and product ads implemented by the experts on the FME PPC team.

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