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Caytan Enterprise: Computing the Formula for Success


The Vilros Raspberry Pi4 is an extremely versatile computer that can be modified to use as everything from a modem machine to a retro gaming station. The console is suitable even for beginners, since it can be made as simple or as complicated as one wants. But when Vilros came to us, its Amazon product listings were not optimized and not reaching a broad enough audience. FME would need to develop a marketing strategy that would help Vilros Raspberry Pi4 products reach more consumers, and appeal to beginners as well as experts.


Increase in Conversions


in PPC Sales with 16% ACoS in 3 Months


Increase in YOY Q4 Sales

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A Powerful Framework

The first step FME would take to help the Vilros Raspberry Pi4 product listing reach a wider consumer base on Amazon would be to optimize it. We did this by researching keywords to determine which ones had a demonstrated ability to create impressions and conversions, and then incorporating those keywords into the new product listings. FME also added more detailed information to the listings regarding how to use the products and their functions. 


Since Vilros is a trademarked brand, the FME design team was able to create high-impact A+ content to add to its product pages. These laid out the contents and functions of each kit in a visually friendly way to promote a streamlined shopping experience for the consumer and better explain the product to reduce the likelihood of negative reviews or returns.

Programming Profits

As our creatives were working to improve the Amazon listings for Vilros Raspberry Pi4 products, the advertising team was working on building pay-per-click campaigns using similar keywords to the ones used in the listing optimizations. We set higher-than-average bids to ensure our sponsored ads beat out those of competitors to display in the top spot of  sponsored search results.


Our work for Vilros paid off in a big way. Not only did our product listing optimizations land Vilros Raspberry Pi4s in the first five search results, but it also helped increase the rate of conversions by an astounding 250% and overall sales in Q4 by $900K. Our pay-per-click sponsored ads were just as successful by bringing in $340K in sales, with only 16% of that total going toward advertising costs. 

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