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eCommerce Marketing + Advertising

Science + Data + Intelligent Analysis = Positive Results

Our Marketing services include:


eCommerce SEO

SEO provides a strong foundation for your other marketing efforts. We implement technical and psychological strategies to place your products in front of the most relevant target audience and the shoppers most willing to buy.


Google AdWords and Bing

Google AdWords and Bing Ads can be effective for a number of goals, including brand or product awareness, form filling, and sales. FountainheadME has professionally certified, in-house marketing experts to make the most of these ad platforms.


Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

A Google PPC campaign is one of the few near-universal staples for a cross-platform marketing effort. Google PPC has unparalleled reach and an incredible capacity for audience targeting; it is also extremely competitive, and in some cases notoriously difficult to use. FME's experienced, professionally certified, in-house marketing experts navigate this complex landscape and provide the services needed to extract sales from this powerful service.


Facebook Ads

Facebook excels at deepening customer relationships with brands. Well-designed and -executed Facebook Ad campaigns produce outstanding brand or product awareness, deeper customer engagement, and sales conversions. FountainheadME has professionally certified in-house marketing experts to make get the most from this unique ad platform.



A complete e-commerce advertising strategy for Google, Facebook, or Bing ads starts with, and regularly includes, well-done reporting and data analysis.


Shopify Marketing

In order to have a winning marketing strategy in Shopify, vendors need to be able to navigate Shopify's automated processes, site organization logic, and app ecosystem to create a strategy that works for converting products on their particular platform. Whether you have an existing Shopify website or are looking to build one, FountainheadME can design and implement a powerful marketing strategy to help you succeed.


WooCommerce Marketing

Whether you have an existing WooCommerce website or are looking to build one, FountainheadME can help implement a powerful marketing strategy to help you succeed.


foun·tain·head noun, an original source of something.

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We fuse the art of sales with science.

To win at eCommerce, Amazon or traditional, a seller needs both intuitive understanding of buyer behavior and application of complex mathematics. People skills can only get you so far. Numbers express exactly the how, what, when, and where of buyer behavior. It’s our job to interpret these numbers using calculus and experience to answer who the customers are and why they buy. Once we define and understand the audience, we can target and sell to them with scope and precision.

We aren’t freelancers. We’re a team of the best eCommerce minds in the industry. Our expert full-service Amazon account managers, online marketers, UX/UI specialists, and full-stack developers will serve your needs with cohesive, data-driven strategy and unparalleled technique.

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