We’re the masters of selling products online.

We have the reputation to prove it. Our TrustPilot, Inc. 5000 Award, Google Partner Badge, Shopify Badge, and Amazon Badge say it all.

A Professional Services Pricing Model…

No long-term contracts, no setup fees, and no deposits.

FountainheadME bills hourly for all time spent working on your account, just like a lawyer, CPA, or other professional service provider. Our hourly rate for the work being done is $239. Creative work, like copy writing and photography, are on the higher side but represent smaller amounts of total hours spent while general case management and administration are on the lower side but represent a larger amount of total hours spent.

Each account requires its own unique strategy. We begin all engagements with an analysis of your goals, marketplace conditions as they affect you, our client, and when applicable an analysis of your Amazon account and other eCommerce marketing channels.

It will cost you $0 to become our client...

We have no commitment period, cancellation fees, minimums, or setup fees. We estimate and plan the work to be done each week and send you an authorization request to proceed. If you want to move forward you approve the estimate, otherwise you let us know to halt work or make your desired change. We bill for the work after it has been done.
You control spending, you set the pace of work.

Since there are no contracts, minimums, or deposits, our service can be used as needed. Whether you’re looking for full-scale management and execution of complex eCommerce strategies or occasional help with more specific jobs, you have the power and expertise of our team here to help.


Do you want your customized estimate?

We’re happy to provide one. There are restrictions as to what we’ll post online publicly. For a customized quote and a full menu of current rates and estimates click the button below. Our client intake team will schedule a 15-minute call to share this information with you.


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foun·tain·head noun, an original source of something.

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We fuse the art of sales with science.

To win at eCommerce, Amazon or traditional, a seller needs both intuitive understanding of buyer behavior and application of complex mathematics. People skills can only get you so far. Numbers express exactly the how, what, when, and where of buyer behavior. It’s our job to interpret these numbers using calculus and experience to answer who the customers are and why they buy. Once we define and understand the audience, we can target and sell to them with scope and precision.

We aren’t freelancers. We’re a team of the best eCommerce minds in the industry. Our expert full-service Amazon account managers, online marketers, UX/UI specialists, and full-stack developers will serve your needs with cohesive, data-driven strategy and unparalleled technique.

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