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Pogamat: Working Out the Kinks


Pogamat had been selling Yoga mats and exercise mats on Amazon for a long time without significant results. They had a great product, but we’re losing out to heavy marketplace competition. Pogamat’s product listings were isolated from each other and left customers with questions that were resulting in poor reviews and a lack of sales. After trying on their own for months Pogamat approached FME to improve sales get more visibility for their catalog of floor mats.


In Total Sales


Growth in MoM Sales


ACoS reduced from 47% in the 1st Month


Average Sales Increase, First 5 Months


The Ground Level

After an initial analysis, it was clear there were a few major problems. The first was their listings weren’t hitting a lot of major search terms for the workout mat marketplace on Amazon. The second issue was the lack of variation structure and organization in their product catalog was costing them sales. FME got to work by researching the most effective and highest volume terms they would need to focus on. Then, FME created a plan to capitalize on Pogamat’s unfulfilled potential with PPC advertising coupled with new keyword-optimized product listings organized into smart variation structures.

A Sales Workout

FME got to work straight away incorporating a curated list of the highest volume search terms into the Pogamat product listings and backing these up with a targeted PPC advertising campaign. After updating the title, bullet points, and description with the highest value search terms possible FME was prepared to launch a focused PPC campaign to bring in sales volume. The goal was for an aggressive launch to gain the volume they would need for long term success in the marketplace with a plan to finetune and decrease the average cost of sales over time. After working on the backend of their Amazon account to get their products into a friendly browsable variation structure FME launched their PPC campaign.

Feel the Burn, See the Gains

The gains started to come in right away. The PPC campaign saw over $57,000 in sales with the ACoS dropping from 47% to 38% in the first month alone. The variation structures allowed customers to zero in on the mats that were perfect for them without leaving Pogamat’s product page. The new optimized copy worked perfectly with the PPC campaign and gave customers everything they needed for a buying decision upfront. Pogamat experienced a 63.81% growth in Month over Month sales since the beginning of the PPC campaigns with an impressive $132,000 total sales in the last 3 months of the campaign.

Fresh off the newfound success of their catalog on Amazon Pogamat is planning to launch a new line of mats designed to go under heavy exercise equipment and have engaged FME to help plan the launch of their next big success.

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