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TrophySmack: Small Team Status, Big League Material


When TrophySmack came to us, they’d already enjoyed a good deal of success on Amazon selling their fantasy football products, including, trophies, championship belts and draft boards. The problem was that their catalog was stuck in the minor leagues, even though it had big league potential.


Increase in Sales


Increase in Units Sold


Increase in 3 Month YOY Sales


Devising a Winning Strategy

Since fantasy football season runs from September through February, TrophySmack needed to earn the majority of its profits during these months. Unlike year-round advertising campaigns, seasonal campaigns don’t have the luxury of time. Organic growth through product listing optimizations can take months, so it was necessary for FME to aggressively push TrophySmack’s specialty products to consumers using pay-per-click advertising. The goal of our campaigns would be to maximize TrophySmack’s seasonal sales and increase sales velocity to improve their organic ranking while also helping it to become a recognized fantasy football brand that fans would turn to year after year to provide their draft boards and trophies.

First Down

We delved into their products and the products of their competitors, as well as the data behind them, in order to find keywords with a proven ability to drive conversions on Amazon. We then incorporated those keywords and new high quality product photography shot at our studio into sponsored product campaigns. Another key element of our winning strategy was setting bids for campaigns that were intentionally too high. This ensured a defeat for competitors’ ads and a prominent spot among Amazon search results for TrophySmack’s key search term.


A unique challenge TrophySmack was facing with its account was the customizable nature of its trophies and championship belts. Consumers were having a hard time figuring out how this feature worked. Recognizing the need to educate buyers not just on the product, but how to customize the product within Amazon, FME created A+ content for TrophySmack that both provided detailed information about the customization feature but also about the the trophies and brand quality in general.


Our PPC campaigns for TrophySmack wiped out the competition. They currently are appearing around the clock as the first sponsored ad on Amazon search results for fantasy football trophies and championship belts. The FME strategy of setting overly high bids on PPC campaigns and adding A+ content to the product pages has led to an overall 270% increase in sales and 406% increase in units sold. We also helped facilitate a $165K increase in three-month year-over-year sales. You might say that TrophySmack is now Amazon’s No. 1 draft pick. 

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